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In our lives there are many moments we need to move ON or move forward but We hold Ourselves back. We leave doors open, windows cracked, lights on, etc. But occasionally we need to permanently shut all access and be done.

The energy required to shut all access is actually less than the energy we expend leaving all these access points available and keeping ourselves vulnerable. How do you move forward if you are holding on to something that needs to be let go of?

Occasionally we need help. Occasionally we need others to make the access points inaccessible. I often tell patients change doesn’t happen until “the pain we are in surpasses the fear of what awaits us.” Well sometimes things need change before that happens! So what then?

Allow others to help. Close not only the chapter. But the book. It may not be easy but when it’s done it’s easier than always reopening it to see if whatever you thought was there was still there and IT ISN’T. Move forward. Move on. Grieve the loss but let go.

Books should have an ending so we can start another.

Problem with me is I don’t like to read but I do because it’s GOOD FOR ME!