So often we spend time worrying about what we have or haven’t done, what will be that isn’t, and what we could do differently. We work as with blinders on. We forget to be mindful of the beauty that is us and that is all around us. It greats us every morning and puts us to sleep every night. When we move too quickly we miss it. My niece rows crew and has the luxury of witnessing the sunrise and sunsets and sometimes doesn’t even notice it bc she is focused on her job.

How many moments in you day are missed bc you are just “doing what has to be done?” What would happen internally if you paused for 5 seconds to take it all in? How would not only your day transform but you transform.

Today I am choosing to take in the sunrise and sunset that she sent me because she and her friend took a moment to take it all in. I wonder our days will look like because we took the blinders off. What will your scenery look like? How will you transform?