Parenting is a challenge at all stages. Hopefully we raise our children to learn to be themselves and individuate while always wanting them to remain a part of us. As our children grow into themselves it is important that they know in life that they are allowed to advocate for themselves and individuate and grow into who they are. It is a journey and oftentimes it looks like they are pulling away from others, and in some ways they are, but it also brings them closer to who they are truly going to become. As moms our jobs are to watch our children do the hard and sometimes dangerous work of becoming themselves without always saving them…right away😜. 
Being a parent is much like these two pictures.  The picture made me think of the journey we have as mother’s and children. Children go out into the water filled with sharks and other dangers (🦈 😜) on their own because they must.  Throughout life they will run back a little closer to us, or even check where we are in relation to them. And even though they won’t typically ask for help, we will be very close by forever watching and ever ready when they call out to us. 

Therapeutically, we must allow them access to this journey. And we, as parents, must allow ourselves to be ever present and ever ready but sometimes only watching from dry land.