This week has been powerful. Powerful enough for me to post when I haven’t in months lol. 

Many of you know I teleconference many patients (Thank you Synsormed), some here in Georgia and some in other countries.  This week a patient I have never met, from another country made a special visit to Atlanta for two reasons. To see me being one of those reasons. I was humbled but anxious. The visit validated what I have always known.  “To be in the presence of another human being is a gift.” As she cried and I teared up I felt blessed. My patient has made amazing strides in this past year through all the work she has done. But I must say, in several hours over two days in my presence we dwelved into soome of her deepest issues because as she put it “my touch and being in this office brought up something deep inside [she’s] been wanting to discuss.” She has discussed these things briefly before but been able to run from the conversation easier when not in my presence.  

Technology is an amazing gift. Because of technology, I have been able to reach out and help someone that may not have been able to receive therapy over the past year.  Because of technology, she was able to get to me in a 3day notice.  However, with all the blessings of technology the ability to be in eachothers physical presence was the greatest. Which is why I moved to write this.

Never forget that energy passes between beings.  It passes without being in eachothers presence but is even stronger when we share the air between us behind  the same 4 walls. Energy is transfered when we smile but also when we touch. A hug is transformational. The ability to be physically there for someone is a gift.  It’s like a light switch.  Energy flows the the electrical lines like energy flows through the shared air we breathe and when we touch we turn on a light that will forever shine. Please spend the time and energy to to on someone else’s light and allow someone to turn on your light from within.