I am tearful listening to and watching Scandal portray trauma and victims of trauma as weak and vulnerable and easily manipulated.  Trauma can cripple but trauma exposure can also make us stronger.  Not everyone has to stay a “victim.”  Not every survivor is a wounded, weak, easily manipulated person changed by time and experience.  There is so much research that trauma changes our brains and our ability to function but doesn’t always make us weak and easily manipulated.  Trauma is an event that challenges our spirit and our definition of ourselves.  It shapes our minds and shifts our core.  But it can also make us compassionate, intuitive, and deeply passionate.  Our minds can be sharp and strong.  Empower survivors.  Encourage survivors, uplift them for they have faced what so many cannot fathom.  Not to be distorted by media or manipulated for entertainment but celebrated in life and and the thriving that can come from surviving.