I was going through Facebooks wonderful “memories” collage that it has for every day and yesterday and was greeted with smiles and the reminders of friendships that will shape my day and week. From photos of my amazing nephew smiling to 3 of my dearest friends and our families sharing special moments. (I should have known God was prepared me when the night before a picture of my other close girlfriend’s kiddos popped up as they strolled with my hubby on our shared family vacation). But what happened prepared me for the last memory. One of the darkest times in my family’s history. My brother’s fall from a 24′ high scaffold. The memory was one I had made one year after his fall thanking God for his survival.   Now 5 years later I’m reminded how I survived. With the love of FRIENDS. Mentally and emotionally it was my friends that strengthened me daily in one of my times of greatest fear and agony and sadness. It remind me of a quote I posted week ago:

Friendship blooms from faith, love and respect built by two hearts that come close to each other with a feeling that they can share their joys and sorrows throughout their life.

God has blessed me with these types of friends in my life.  Clearly God had been preparing me for yesterday this entire week. Everyday I am thinking of THEM but yesterday and today I am thanking them. You know who you are…I know who you are. And I am grateful to call you Friend and Framily. Thank you for visiting us in the hospital, taking my newborn so I could sit by his side, feeding our family, praying with us, crying with us, being present for his visit with our priest, spending time with us in the weeks and months post his fall, reminding us all there is life after his fall, and being with us every step of the way until today. I am forever grateful!

The right friends, real friends are so critical in aiding us through our darker moments; helping us navigate our mental and emotional ills. I asses a persons support system in the first hour I sit with them because I know they can be walking sticks towards the journey to healing. I KNOW MINE HAVE AND I THANK YOU!

Who do you have in your life to be thankful for? What do you have to be thankful for?  Oftentimes the things that are most important we overlook in our natural coming and goings. Today, slow down hopefully you have at least one Friend to thank. At least one person to share both your joys and sorrows; to walk with you.