How do we teach young girls to be happy with their bodies? 

This is an important question to me as one who works with teenage patients that are struggling with this very issue.  However, I also have some very personal reasons as well.  One, I, too, have had episodic struggles with body image issues.  Today, I am “comfortable in my skin.”  Two, I have a daughter and I don’t want to pass negative self talk or body image problems down the line to her.  Given this, I believe that the following video is so on point. 

It starts with us loving our bodies first and finding adjectives to describe ourselves positively.  I believe she is on to something, psychologically.  It’s not about about losing the weight, it is about how we think about ourselves and feel internally.  You can lose weight and still feel big and it’s not enough.  So where do we begin?  It begins with what we tell ourselves about ourselves.  Negative self talk breeds negative self image.  Start with the conscious effort to talk positively about yourself and demand that of others.  

I am going to continue this journey more consciously and I can wait to see where it takes me.  My adjective is “curvy”.  This is my positive.  Tell me your yours.  Post them in the comments section and keep me posted on your journey.