Sometimes, the things we think we CAN NOT DO, WE CAN.  Just don’t give up. 

The accomplishment that comes with conquering what you thought you couldn’t is an amazing boost in self esteem and self confidence.  While you are “in the trenches”, you may wonder how you got there and what you’re doing.  But, don’t stop.  Maybe you need to change your approach, take it in pieces, focus on the end goal, or even take a break and start again.  But, don’t turn around! Don’t go back down! Don’t quit! Sometimes it doesn’t matter when you reach the finish line but that you finish.  

Yesterday, I didn’t give up on a mountain bike climb I thought I couldn’t make.  My body was shaking.  My mind was tired and my heart racing.  But, I pushed on and I finished…far behind the leader.  And guess what…I can and will do it again because now I KNOW I  can. 

What can you do today?