Friendships bloom from faith, love, and respect built by two hearts that come close to each other with a feeling that they can share their joys and sorrows throughout their life.

When any of these three things (faith, love, respect) are damaged, the friendship needs help.  First of all, realize that very rarely is it just one person’s fault.  Take a moment to assess your own responsibility before pointing a finger.

  • What was your part in the damage that was done?  And, don’t just look at the proverbial straw that broke the camel’s back.
  • What happened along the way?
  • What didn’t you say or do?
  • What did you say or do?
  • What boundaries did you not set or fail to uphold?  Take a step back.
  • What can you do differently?

It’s easy to be mad at our friends and expect them to acknowledge your pain but you can’t ask for what you can’t give.

It is also reasonable to expect that a real friend should do the same.  But, maybe they need help, understanding, and/or patience.  We all handle our sorrows and joys differently.

Real friendship is the sharing of joys AND sorrows.  And, sometimes just as the joys often happen together, so do the sorrows.  Take a little time and maybe some much needed space to assess how these things can be rebuilt and shared.  Be honest with yourself maybe they can’t.  Maybe the friendship has run its course and is no longer healthy.  OR, maybe it will take a little help.  Quite possibly, it could be even healthier if you can share your sorrows with your real friend and move forward.

Sometimes the path to fulfillment in relationship is not always easy, but always worth the journey.