Whenever something significant happens in your life, take a step back and reflect. Pause in silence and reflect on what has happened, on how it has affected and on how it has impacted you.

Then, consider these questions:

– How does what has happened change you?
– Does it change what you might feel towards someone or about yourself?
– Is there anything you can do differently moving forward to capitalize on the growth in this moment?
– How will what has happened impacted future relationships?

These are all things I often forget to do and sometimes don’t spend enough time doing. They require us to slow down and listen to our inner voice. Mine is sometimes screaming and I’m not still enough to listen; so I know the challenge of reflection personally.

I write this because last week my life significantly shifted and I took the time to listen and am still listening and with that I feel change occurring.

Maybe you can embrace what has occurred to allow you to release the pain of the past. Take the time. Reflect. YOU ARE WORTH IT!