You will always be “in love” NOT!

Being “In Love” is a state. It’s that experience of being. That experience of adoration, lust, and fuzzy feelings inside. It often happens when our hormones are elevated (e.g. pregnancy) or when we share amazing experiences (another myth: not all experiences shared will be amazing). 

That DOES NOT mean you won’t feel love all the time. As a matter of fact I hope you do. Loves need to be a constant in your marriage. Love between two partners aids in communication, willingness to sacrifice, commitment to making things work, and loyalty to the bond between them. 

In a HEALTHY marriage you will LOVE each other ALL the time, LIKE each other MOST of the time, and hopefully experience “being in love” quite a bit.

In between the moments of being in love remember what being in love felt like. Communicate with each other and listen to one another. Communication facilitates the “in love” feelings and is the start of and a large factor in maintaining the state of being in love.