The things that make us the best…always seem to be the hardest.  Like carving out time in a day that has no time left in it to meditate, read, write, or blog! LOL.

Things that require commitment like excelling at sports, completing degrees, getting promotions, and fighting mental illness.  All these activities make us the best we can be for ourselves, but require energy and commitment.  We come out of the other side stronger and better for it, but the journey is often hard.

We can do a few things to make it easier.

  1. Decide what goals YOU want and what’s important to YOU.  If your goal is not something you are passionate about or something you truly want when it does get hard, you will fizzle out.
  2. Pace yourself: “Rome was not built in a day” Yes, it is cliche, but it’s also true.  If you go to hard to quickly, you will burn out.  Burn out sets us back and sometimes contributes to quitting.
  3. Don’t quit.
  4. Set attainable goals. Break a large goal into smaller goals.  Often we set goals that are so high that we cannot keep them up.  This results in feelings of defeat when we can’t reach those goals. Which leads me to the last
  5. If you don’t reach a small subset of a larger goal, forgive yourself.  Put it as priority for the next day and tackle it in the morning.  (Like I am doing with today’s blog :)).

Over time, all the things that require the most work and are hardest will make us stronger.  How we get there is how we build to that strength.  And, that journey is just as important.