What is constant?  CHANGE is constant!  As time passes, things change.  Some events are out of our control, while others can be manipulated with our input.  The fact remains, that even if we are involved in the process, change is coming and is still out of control.

Depression and anxiety can often manifest or become exacerbated because of a sense of a loss of control.  Two major symptoms of depression are helplessness and hopelessness. When one starts to feel that they have no power or control over their life, they begin to withdraw and isolate in shame because of loss of control.  Their symptoms begin to show an attempt to hold on to what little bit of control they can maintain.  Anxiety is a mental illness that becomes physical (e.g. increased heart rate, shaking, sweaty palms, difficulty breathing, etc).  When we physically begin to “lose control”, we develop fear and shame.  Dealing with change and the sense of loss of control in a positive way is key in developing better mental health and embracing our forever, and constantly, changing lives.

In 2012, I went to an event where Deepak Chopra was the keynote speaker.  He mentioned this concept of embracing change and said that he taught his kids not only to not fear change, but also to pray for the strength to embrace with each day.

I’m going to incorporate this type of request in my prayers and to encourage patients to incorporate this in their way of thinking and decision-making.  Our choices influence our mood – either improving or making it worse.  In the case of depression, when we sense a loss of control, depression symptoms increase.  With changing the perception of having control and embracing change, we are accepting that we don’t have control over whether things do or don’t change however, we will and do have an influence over the process of change.

Today, I say let’s embrace change.  Welcome change in and allow it to work within you.  CHANGE your viewpoint.  Change is a dynamic process which you are an important part of.  Maybe then depression and anxiety, as it relates to control, will lessen because you’ll be more at peace with realizing you never had control in the first place.

Always remember that you have the ability to influence change.