Families are complicated.  Their relationships can be rewarding and yet very draining at the same time.  The hard part is finding the balance and experiencing more of the positive than the negative.

How do we do that?

Oftentimes, we limit interactions with our family members to balance and attempt to optimize the positive interactions.  But after avoidance, then what?  Do you talk it out? Do you isolate?

My suggestion…stop the avoidance.  BUT, after you avoid and confront the issues, let it go!  If others cannot meet you half way, then why are you putting in so much energy?  Don’t work harder than others in a relationship.  When you do, it builds resentment.  But, do be prepared to work because all relationships need work.

Family relations are like all others.  They are rewarding as long as you get out of them SOME of what you put in them.