Often times, it seems like we find ourselves in the classic scene from the movie A Few Good Men. Sometimes, we’re Tom Cruise and, others, we’re Jack (no last name needed…lol).

But, why is it that we find ourselves in this quandry? I guess the perplexing question here is “why do we lie?”

Lies feel protective. They protect us from what we fear…loss, change, etc. We’ve often heard folks say “lying is easier”. However, it’s really not. Many times, it requires forethought. And the more you lie, the more you have to keep lying. We lie to protect losing what we feel is important and/or necessary. But, lies also function in the opposite direction. They eventually destroy what is important. In fact, here is an excellent blog post that talks about what we lose when we lie. So why lie? To others or to yourself.

Typically, if you look for the truth, you’ll find it.

How do we find the truth?

An obvious answer is by being truthful ourselves. Yet, ironically enough, we often find it by being untruthful ourselves. Being deceptive and/or sneaky. We find the truth by searching for it because the truth is always there. So, whether one wants it to or not, the truth will come to light.

What do you do when you find the truth? Come clean how you find it? Confront? Walk away? In order to accept honesty, you have to be honest about your actions as well. Whatever you choose to do, the choice is rarely simple and may have consequences. Be ready and prepare yourself for the work it takes to “handle the truth.”

The truth can either free us or imprison us…depending on how we embrace it.