I read a quote that is said to be misattributed to Plato, but I like it none the less.

Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.

Never truer words… 

We often go through life coming up against others that have their own struggles that we know little or nothing about. Be it the person that looks on the surface as if they have all things and their life is one to be envied with no complaints; or the person that actually seems angry and miserable.  You can never tell the battles they fight within.

The battle they fight is hard because it’s theirs. It is these battles that will help shape them and change them. Inward depression is often masked by smiles never telling the tale of the battles within, but they are there, hard to escape and hard to defend against.  Outward depression seems obvious because of how it manifests itself but what lies under the surface is what’s truly hard.

Everyone you meet has a story and has various struggles within and throughout their life. Not all are diagnosable or fit in a category, but everyone has their own version of a battle and because it is theirs the difficulty level is incomparable and, in itself, hard at times.

Have compassion for others.  Listen with open and understanding ears to what is hard for others. If they are not talking, just know there may be a hard battle being fought within at this time and certainly if not now then in the past and for sure in the future. 

Because “…everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.”