The year is coming to a close and everyone is in the hustle of the holidays.  Last minute shopping, Christmas parties, grocery shopping and meal planning, and making rounds to family friends.

Staying physically healthy at this time of year is closely linked to remaining emotionally healthy.  Our immune systems respond to emotional stress.  Our digestive system is intertwined with our levels of anxiety and depression. (To enjoy the great food you need to digest it well).

  • Emotional wellness:
    • Healthy boundaries with the loved ones that are pulling us in so many directions
    • Not overdoing it on gifts that will leave us financially stressed later
    • Staying aware of when we feel stressed so we can take a step back and regroup
    • Awareness of why we are feeling negative or positive so if its negative feelings we can self protect and if we are feeling positive we can nurture that emotion and help it grow. 

***Laughter is to your mental health like an apple a day is to your primary care.  (Hope that made you laugh) ***

After you make it through this season emotionally and physically well, make a new years resolution on how your take better care of yourself.  Think about how you can continue the emotional wellness and hopefully make 2015 even better than 2014.  I will attempt to do Yoga once or twice a week and blog at least once a week.

Hold me accountable on January 2nd!  Happy holidays and have a healthy 2015!