As I was driving the other day, I heard a song talking about “…you don’t have to try…so hard [to make people like you].”  I loved it.  While I don’t know the artist, her lyrics seemed to talk about how you don’t have to suffice yourself to make people like.  We are all good as we are. And, then after that song, the Meghan Trainor song, “All About That Bass”, came on.  It is a great song celebrating self-acceptance and attacking body image issues.  These are great theme songs for everyone, but especially for our young teens that are tormented by a desire to be liked and seen as pretty and accepted by their peers.

Every day, teens are bombarded by unrealistic images of the world around them.  While I’m sure these uplifting tunes have been sung before, I’m significantly aware of their importance today.  In a day and age where I have at least 2 teens on my couch a day and a teen group each week where they are struggling with these issues, I am more aware of their importance.

90% of my teen patients are working on these issues.  I’m going to brainstorm a way to incorporate this positivity in our media into their sessions.  Hopefully, they can hear what’s being said.