Over the past 10 years, the research has shown a clear relationship between physical illness and mental wellness.  Unfortunately, the mental health community does not give enough recognition to this relationship.  I often think of the quote from “My Big Fat Greek Wedding,”

He is the head, I am the neck and I can turn the head any way I like…

But, we must remember the neck is connected to the body and just as the head and neck influence each other they too are influenced by the body.  I want to encourage everyone to receive medical evaluations and treatment for their physical illnesses.  If you are open to it, you can utilize psychotherapy to learn how the body and mind work in concert with each other.  Then, you can apply the skills you get from therapy to change your health and your life.

Our mental health is key is creating total body wellness and helping us become happier, more fulfilled individuals.  If, as individuals, we can understand just some of the ways our internal processes are connected, we will lead more contented lives.